How Moha Atelier is different? Local stores vs Brand MOHA - Which one to choose?

Moha Atelier is different from others in these areas:

Leadership : Moha Atelier is a Desiginer Led store while most of old shops are run by traders, who also have other business. So Moha Atelier is focused and expert in World Class Lehenga and Sherwani Making.

Objective: Trading shop is more profit oriented, they keep stuff which is risk free, easy to handle and profitable. They start from price and then make restricted choices. While, Moha Atelier is style oriented, they work on creativity without restriction and then work on pricing (exactly opposite to trader). Designer works for identity rather than profit primarily. Thought profit is not ignored but it is not main objective. Customers benefit from unique identity. 

Process: Moha Atelier has its own making process so it controls every aspect of garment making process from Design-Coloring-Embroidery-Stitching process. Majority of roadside names are traders. So it is Designer vs Trader. 

Customisation: Having full control over garment making process, Moha Atelier offers one-to-one customised garment, which a trader shop can not offer.

Pricing: Moha Bridal Lehenga starts from INR 50,000.00 and goes upto 3.5 Lacs. Moha Sherwani starts from INR 30,000.00 and goes upto 1.5 Lacs.

Style Expertise: Since customer come to Moha Atelier for specific requirement, they are properly guided and offered solution. No false praising is done. Client is told upfront, if something is not suitable. Also it is not a sophisticated tailoring shop, which gladly accepts all suggestions of customer. Rather, only those customisation are allowed which are in line with brand MOHA. There is no compromise with MOHA design philosophy, no matter how much money client is willing to throw. 

Connectivity: Clients trust Moha Atelier. They feel connected with brand MOHA and gladly share their final look with great excitement & gratitude. This makes Moha Atelier stand out from crowd.

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