Best Lehenga Shops in Kolkata

Kolkata is known for best artisans work and is very popular with traders. Large section of bridal lehenga retailers from Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bangalore source their designs from Kolkata. Now, brides and grooms from different cities visit  Kolkata for Wedding Shopping.

How can I find good Bridal Lehenga Shops in Kolkata.

There are large number of lehenga and saree shops in Kolkata and it can be very confusing for anyone to look for suitable one. Options in Kolkata are:

High End Established Designer Labels

It is suitable for you in case you are willing to spend around 3-7 Lacs for wedding lehenga. They are expensive because they spend lot of money on brand promotion. For example popular Bollywood Heroin may charge Rs.12-15 Lacs for single photo shoot session for promoting designer lehenga. So, you are the one who is going to pay for this. But you get assurance of quality. You have 3-5 such options in Kolkata. Just Google you designer and get the address.

High Quality Fast Rising Designer Labels

In this category are some 3-5 designer labels and it is the hardest part to discover. Because there will be hundreds of local brands claiming the same thing. But these are the Labels-of-Tomorrow and offer value for money. You will be getting lot of creative design work and very good quality. Their work is at par with the best in industry. It will cast you 75K to 1.5 Lacs. Their word of mouth publicity is very high but limited people know them. One way to find them is to browse websites like,, etc. where you can browse the portfolio of a Designer and decide yourself.

One such name is Moha Atelier. This has worked with more than 150 Bridal Wear Stores across India and many of their clients are well known regional Bridal Wear Brands. Once you land at Moha Store in Kolkata you will find out yourself.

Traditional Shops

These are the shops that are present in main market area for long time and their name can be easily spotted on city hoardings. These are mostly salesman led shops and are not limited to any specific collection or taste. They keep all sort of garments that has potential to generate sale. Most of them are traders, they spot trends and choose their stuff. Most of these selection is done by male members. But these days people prefer to visit Designer Store to get customized Wedding Lehenga.

Replica of Designer Labels

This is very common, you name a designer and get their replica in many lehenga shops. But these days replicas have become too common and people have started exploring creative designs. You have to be cautious while shopping for replicas. Designer replicas may be available in 45K - 90K 

 Lehengas below 30K

There are maximum umber of option in this range. You can go to Bara Bazar and find plenty of options in your range.